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How to Save a Draft of Your eBay Listing

It surprises me, after so many years of selling on eBay I still learn new tricks when I teach the class, The Basics of Selling on eBay.

My most recent discovery was that you can save a draft of an unfinished listing and access your saved drafts for 30 days since the last time you edited the draft.

How is this useful?  The other day  I was preparing a listing and got the title and a really awesome description written, when I discovered that I didn’t have my camera card with the photos so I saved my listings until later when I could upload the photos.

Another scenario came up in a subsequent class.  We were discussing delaying the start of an eBay auction so it ends at an optimal time.  For example, you have a lot of time on a Wednesday mid morning to prepare your listings, but don’t want them to end 7 days later on Wednesday morning.  You’d like them to end on Sunday afternoon, but that’s when you watch the football game.  You can save the listings on Wednesday and complete them during the commercials on Sunday.

Saving your listing for later is real simple.  Click the “Save for later” link near the top right corner, and all the information you’ve entered so far will be saved.

Saving Your Ebay Listing

When you’re ready to complete the listing, click “Sell” at the top of most eBay pages and select the listing you want to complete under the “Finish your draft listing”   The page looks like this:

eBay Saved Listing Retrieval

Saving a draft means you don’t have to have large blocks of time to create your listings.  You can do bits and pieces of your listings here and there then finish them up at a later time.   I hope this information helps make selling on eBay even easier for you.

Julie Locke

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  1. Hello. I stumbled upon your page while looking for an answer to the following question–which hopefully, you can shed light on: How do I delete some of those saved drafts from my accumulated list?

    • Thanks so much for checking in and asking. After 30 days the saved listings should delete on their own. I’m not sure that you can manually delete those saved listings before the 30 days. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. :-)

  2. Is there a limit to how many drafts you can have up at once??

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